Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fly mask

I am the first to admit that being able to put a fly mask on ones horse should not be that big of a deal. Until you've met Chavez, you wouldn't know that EVERYTHING with him is a big deal. Kali and Les have made him much better about many things, but his ears remain a sensitive subject.

I like fly masks with ears. I mean, what's the point if the bugs now get in their ears instead of their eyes? Probably won't go to the grave with that opinion, but the little no-see-ums ick me out.

So, Chavez needed me to go up and over his ears and then have something remain on his ears. I cut a little hole for his forelock. If that forelock was inside the fly mask, he'd never see anything. It wasn't an issue. He didn't like me flipping his ears around, but mentally calmed himself and let me do it. Wow. I fly sprayed him. Same thing. A bit wiggly then the realization dawned that it was okay.

He rubbed the fly mask off later that day, but he wasn't crazy to get it off immediately and left it on for quite some time.

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